Ruth Burton - Artist
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Artist Statement

The world is filled with secret colours; when I paint, my task is to unlock these colours.

"Colour is my single most important instrument; it reflects the hidden beauty in the subjects of my artwork. Feeling inspired to create is the most amazing thing. Every opportunity to be creative should be seized with enthusiasm. I like using acrylic paints most, and oil pastels sometimes because they offer the most vibrancy, but from time to time, I experiment with other mediums if they happen to inspire me more on that particular day.

I am always looking to develop my style and I take influence from artists all over the world, I am constantly striving to find ways in which I can make my artwork dynamic and vivid; paintings that resonate in the mind excite me the most!

Working towards, and receiving, an art qualification fulfils its own purposes, perhaps with rewarding results – but I do not believe that it automatically makes anyone an artist. If ‘art’ is supposed to be free from restrictions, then its purest definition must illustrate how it simply cannot follow any form of curriculum without becoming something else.

The most valuable decision I made in my development as an artist was to discontinue further formal study of the subject. I realized how studying for my GCSE in Art & Design had denied me the freedom of expression that my fresh and youthful mind was crying out for. In hindsight, how could I possibly have improved myself as an artist by following such a narrow-minded course? Instead, I chose to pursue an education in music production and continue learning about art without restraint.

Being an artist is a very personal thing – it requires a certain outlook; I am on a journey through life. I paint, I draw, I play music - I consider myself a creative individual. As I learn about the world – whether it be something seemingly relevant, like learning an artistic technique, or whether it be something seemingly irrelevant, like learning how to juggle – anything and everything is beneficial. It is my passion for learning which aids my development as an artist.

Life paints its own picture using secret colours. I only attempt to re-create it."

- Ruth Burton


Ruth has always been creative; from an early age she demonstrated a flare for drawing and painting. While she enjoyed the academic aspects of her education, she always felt more inspired when carrying out practical projects where she could use her imagination.

She has developed an equal passion for both art and music, and is fascinated when the two combine. She enjoys playing the violin and believes that her passion for music fuels her passion for art. She received her GCSE in Art & Design, grade A*, in 2006 and decided not to pursue formal education of the subject in order to concentrate on her Music studies. Studying art in her own time has given her the freedom to explore the subject with enthusiasm, and allowed her passion to grow; it certainly does not come second to music.

Ruth has recently graduated from the University of Huddersfield with First Class Honours in Popular Music Production.