Artist Profile

Artist Statement

Colour is my single most important instrument; it reflects the hidden beauty in the subjects of my artwork. Feeling inspired to create is the most amazing thing. Every opportunity to be creative should be seized with enthusiasm.

All kinds of subjects inspire me when painting – I’ll paint anything & everything! I love using colour to create depth & interest, and I constantly strive to make my work as colourful as it can be by taking careful consideration of complimentary colours. The more dynamic and vivid I can make my artwork the better; and I am always looking to develop my style and I take influence from artists all over the world – past and present. Paintings that resonate in the mind excite me the most! Amongst my favourite artists include William Holman Hunt, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky and Leonid Afremov, to name just a few. I am inspired by the Impressionist art movement of the 19th Century in general – I think a lot can be learnt from the freedom & expression employed by the artists of this revolutionary era.

Six paintings by Ruth Burton, UK artist: winterton church painting, cat painting, twigmoor woods painting, elephant painting, new london west end theatre painting and goose painting.

My paintings vary in size; the choice of canvas size depends on several factors including the mood I am in, the subject I have chosen, and the size of environment chosen to paint in! Texture is very important to me when choosing paints to work with, which is why I don’t tend to use watercolours, and the tendancy of oil paintings to deteriorate over time makes me sad. So I use good quality acrylic paints because of their vibrancy, versatility, and longevity.

Being an artist is a very personal thing – it requires a certain outlook; I am on a journey through life. I paint, I draw, I play music – I consider myself a creative individual with a fondness for academia. As I learn about the world – whether it be something seemingly relevant, like learning an artistic technique, or whether it be something seemingly irrelevant, like reading a Stephen King novel – anything and everything is beneficial. It is my passion for learning which aids my development as an artist.

Life paints its own pictures using secret colours. I only attempt to capture them.

Artist Biography

Ruth has always been creative; from an early age she demonstrated a flair for drawing and painting. While she enjoys the academic aspects of her life, pursuing these needs in her career, she is equally as inspired to carry out projects in her spare time where she can use her practical skills and imagination.

She has developed an equal passion for both art and music, and is fascinated when the two combine. She enjoys playing the violin and believes that her passion for music fuels her passion for art. She received grade A* at GCSE Art & Design and decided not to pursue formal education of the subject in order to concentrate on her Music studies; in 2013, Ruth graduated from the University of Huddersfield with First Class Honours in Popular Music Production.

Studying art in her own time has given her the freedom to explore the subject with much enjoyment and allowed her passion to grow naturally. She is now building her reputation as an artist and sells her paintings nationwide.