Acrylic Paintings

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I love painting all kinds of subjects; animals, flowers, music, buildings, teddy bears. I find acrylic paints the easiest medium to create interesting depths of colour by building up contrasting and complimentary layers and shapes before adding detail. I work mainly in a modern impressionist style and find this helps me to express dynamic and vivid compositions.

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Drawing allows me to express a very different side to my creativity. It is more of a technical discipline for me; it allows me to hone my observational skills by maintaining a strict level of accuracy. My development as an artist requires learning different skills and I believe that the control & precision required for drawing ‘reigns in’ my moments of artistic insanity which cleans the slate for more thoughtful painting. Each piece takes several hours to complete. It is a therapeutic necessity which I find incredibly satisfying.

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Watercolour Designs

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Using watercolours allow me to explore a totally different style which I wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise. These designs form the basis for many of my greetings cards; they are light, fun & colourful, and yet maintain a certain amount of mystique. Employing different styles in my artwork offers me the choice to work on different projects to suit different moods.

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